Transcending Styles – Tassel Loafers

Alden tassel moc

Thanks to their character, tassel loafers have a natural leaning towards casual. Buying them in suede leather is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to sport tassels as part of a relaxed weekend look.

Tassel loafers offer a surprising amount of versatility. They look great paired with denim, chinos, blazers or even varsity jackets, which is why they are perfect for transcending the two dominant styles within menswear –  Nerds and

Again, when buying suede tassels, you will be confronted with numerous alternatives in terms of both style and colour. Black and brown suede are the most popular colours available on the market today, and both would become an instant statement piece within any outfit. A coloured tassel loafer has the potential to become one of your trademark pieces.

However, as always with coloured footwear, the key is to let the shoe effortlessly become the focal point. This means adding neutral and unfussy surrounding pieces, in order to bring balance to the overall look. With this in mind, try pairing blue suede tassels with slim chinos, a neutral blazer and a white fitted shirt for an elegant take on smart-casual. Accentuating the choice of footwear by adding an accessory of similar colour is always a good idea, but remember that ‘less is more’.

If you prefer a more conservative look, try brown/black suede loafers. Brown and black compliments almost any other colour, and works particularly well with warmer tones. Alternatively, suede loafers are a possibility; really it all depends on how you are going to utilise the footwear and how strict the dress code is at your place of work. High quality suede examples, again in structured shapes, are what to look for – but be aware that they will have an instant ‘dress down’ effect as soon as you slip them on. That doesn’t mean they can’t work with a suit for other less formal occasions however.

This is a shoe that looks superb without socks, due to their inherently low profile and slip-on nature.

The tassel loafers have seen a recent spike in popularity. Far from being a fashion fling, these are a true investment piece and an item worthy of a distinguished gentleman. Their character offers versatility and sophistication, which makes them perfect for both formal and casual occasions