Wearing Shoes in the House

How do you feel about Wearing Shoes in the House?

Do you wear shoes in your own house? Would you prefer that visitors to your house remove their shoes upon entering?

In some parts of the world, there are very clear answers to these questions, but here in Nigeria, the masses seem fairly divided on the issue.

For some, removing shoes upon entering the house is a matter of tradition or manners; for others it’s a matter of cleanliness; and for some people, it’s all about comfort.

Then there’s an entire legion of people who don’t want others removing their shoes, in their house, or anywhere near them for that matter.

I don’t have strong feelings about whether or not others remove their shoes, but personally, I’m usually shoe-free within seconds of hitting the front door to my own house — which is actually pretty ironic, considering my love affair with footwear.

At other people’s homes, I follow their lead.

I take my shoes off in the house for maximum comfort, but it’s also become something of a symbolic ritual — taking off my shoes is how I know that I’m home and free to relax.

Do you ask visitors to take off their shoes in your home?

If you have a house shoe rule, I’d love to hear what it is, and why you feel the way you do.

Please kindly drop your comments below. 

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